webshit weekly

An annotated digest of the top "Hacker" "News" posts for the second week of December, 2019.

Verizon/Yahoo Blocking Attempts to Archive Yahoo Groups – Deletion: Dec. 14
December 08, 2019 (comments)
Verizon fends off a Distributed Assurance of Service attack. Hackernews alternately pre-mourns the deleted data and provides inapplicable technical suggestions to people who know better. Later, Hackernews debates whether years of communications from hundreds of thousands of people is something even worth preserving.

WireGuard is in net-next
December 09, 2019 (comments)
Some networking code gets added to Linux. Hackernews is a big fan of this code, since Hackernews finds it very important to hide all their network traffic from the people they send money to every month.

FUSE for macOS is no longer open source
December 10, 2019 (comments)
An Internet throws a temper tantrum because not enough people are paying for maintenance of code Google wrote. Hackernews sympathizes with the temper tantrum; it's supremely frustrating to Hackernews that you can spend loads of time writing and maintaining software, then release it freely on the internet, and people selfishly want the software to work as you claimed it should. The software is worthless, but the Internet with the tantrum holds the signing keys to make it work on Macbooks, and it turns out Apple's blessings are far more valuable than any measly filesystem code.

Learning at work is work, and we must make space for it
December 11, 2019 (comments)
An academic wants corporations to put their money where their mouths are. Hackernews relates that on-the-job continuing education is easy to get, as long as you are not accountable for your time and nobody cares what you do at the office. Other Hackernews trade tips on how most effectively to badger employees about how they spend their time, in case they're sneaking in unauthorized bouts of self-improvement on the company dime. Some Hackernews are mad at the university degree system.

Huginn: Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf
December 12, 2019 (comments)
A webshit invents cron. The webshit in question arrives in the comments to explain that it's not good for much. Hackernews is very impressed with the name of the program. The rest of the comments are Hackernews naming similar programs, then getting yelled at because someone else doesn't like that particular alternative.

Why Nukemap Isn't on Google Maps Anymore
December 13, 2019 (comments)
An academic breaks up with Google. Google does not notice. Hackernews takes turns identifying all the possible alternatives and explaining to one another why each of those alternatives is hopeless, backward, and doomed. After a while, Hackernews gets around to lamenting all the myriad ways Google Maps is worse than it used to be. Google does not notice.

Having Kids
December 14, 2019 (comments)
Paul Graham takes some time off from not doing anything important to tell us how different it is to not do anything important with kids. No interesting or useful information is presented. Hackernews recites the ages, medical conditions, and daily schedules of their children on the internet. Other Hackernews take offense at the presumption that all parents love their kids; to some Hackernews, their kids are just another burden to shoulder in silence. Still other Hackernews are just mad that people with children talk about their children. No technology is discussed.