webshit weekly

An annotated digest of the top "Hacker" "News" posts for the second week of April, 2021.

The architecture behind a one-person tech startup
April 08, 2021 (comments)
A webshit writes a Lovecraftian horror story about a simple web service sprouting tendrils from hellish dimensions unknowable to human experience. Hackernews argues about the proper selection of free hosting tiers amongst a diverse selection of webshit services to ensure availability approaching a ten-dollar virtual machine. Other Hackernews appreciate the dozens -- possibly hundreds -- of awful decisions that led to the concluding monstrosity in the article, and are grateful for the advice.

uBlock Origin works best on Firefox
April 09, 2021 (comments)
Studies indicate that adblockers work better on browsers which don't contain millions of dollars of engineering devoted to undermining adblockers. Hackernews discusses alternative solutions for blocking ads, since they're wholly incapable of going a single day without using Google Chrome. Other Hackernews are pissed that previous adblockers tools have been discontinued, and want you to know. The rest of the comments are people arguing about which web browser they use. Turns out it's all of them, but mostly Chrome.

Everyone is still terrible at creating software at scale
April 10, 2021 (comments)
A webshit is mad that programmers can't seem to get their shit together at work. The article, as a bonus, contains a hilarious comment claiming that typing programs into computers is a class of problem that requires more planning than mere "physical engineering" products. I'm not big on meditation but I strongly recommend a medium-quality cigar and a decent glass of scotch while you consider how a person's mind must work to compare, for instance, Twitter with, as an example, the Hoover Dam, and then shit out that marvelous opinion. Hackernews posts a few hundred comments insisting that their work environment is the most common work environment, and everyone else's experience consists entirely of outliers.

std::unique_ptr implementation backed by Ethereum NFTs
April 11, 2021 (comments)
An Internet conclusively proves that C++ was a mistake. Along the way, Rust is named as an accomplice. Hackernews is pretty sure this is a joke, which is something they're not particularly comfortable with, so there are almost no comments.

Just Be Rich
April 12, 2021 (comments)
An Internet realizes that Paul Graham doesn't have anything to say about any topic unrelated to how correct Paul Graham is. Hackernews has a lot to say about why poor people deserve to live in hell, which outmoded economic theories can be slightly misunderstood in order to justify starvation in first-world countries, why poor people would just fuck everything up if they ever got any money, which specific family members are best sacrificed in the pursuit of fuck-you money, and why sacrifice isn't enough, because you need some kind of elusive Business Gene no matter what you do.

Yamauchi No.10 Family Office
April 13, 2021 (comments)
Nintendo scales new heights in the war against its own users, releasing a website with text in two languages, readable in neither. Hackernews posts three comments about the beautiful sentiment the website espouses (something about how great it is to be rich for a hundred years, it's not clear or important) and then posts two hundred comments complaining about the website not working correctly on anything but specific generations of iPhone.

YouTube suspends account for linking to a PhD research on WPA2 vulnerability
April 14, 2021 (comments)
A dumbass gets locked out of someone else's video site, so turns to someone else's shitposting cesspit to complain about it. Hackernews debates whether it is possible to have a functioning society without needlessly-aggressive automated moderation tools hovering over heavily centralized ad networks beholden to one specific company into whose hands the entire Internet is bequeathed. After a few hundred strained analogies, the answer appears to be 'no.'